Turnkey Real Estate Investing

What is Turnkey?

turnkey (turn-KEE) – [NOUN] Typically property that is already renovated, tenanted, and under management upon your purchase.

Below are the residential, agricultural, and other providers, many who I personally invest with.
It’s where I earn passive income and you can too!

Turnkey Residential Real Estate

Baltimore, MD

Birmingham, AL

Chicago, IL

Dayton, OH

Des Moines, IA

Houston, TX

Huntsville, AL

Jacksonville, FL

Kansas City, KS

Little Rock, AR

Memphis, TN


Maverick Investor Group

Oklahoma City, OK

Orlando &
Central Florida

Tampa Bay, FL

Turnkey Agriculture

Belize Cacoa

Panama Coffee

Teak Hardwood

MORE OPPORTUNITIES – Accredited Investors

ATM Machines

Private Money Lending

With turnkey real estate investing, you can have five profit centers at the same time: appreciation, cash flow, principal paydown by the tenant, tax benefits, and inflation-profiting.
– Keith Weinhold

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